New Active Investor Plus Visa - open for applications

Investor Visa Blog

The Government has created a new "Active Investor Plus" visa category, intended to attract high-value investors to New Zealand.

The Active Investor Plus Visa is currently open for applications, and is a replacement for the Investor 1 and Investor 2 categories, which closed in July 2022.

Holders of the Active Investor Plus Visa can:

- Work, live and study in New Zealand
- Stay in New Zealand indefinitely
- After 4 years of keeping their funds in New Zealand, apply for permanent residence
- Include their partner and dependent children aged under 24 in their application

The criteria for this visa category requires applicants to have NZD $15 million (or the weighted equivalent) in acceptable investments in New Zealand.

Acceptable investments include listed equities, philanthropy, managed funds and direct investments. Property is not an acceptable investment, however investment in funds involved in the property sector may be acceptable if the fund holds 20% or less of their total assets in the property sector. All investments must not be for the personal use of the applicant, they must be transferred to New Zealand and be invested in the New Zealand currency.

The weighting system

Investments carry different weightings. Direct investment is the most favoured category, receiving the highest weighting. Applicants could meet the required investment amount by investing NZD $5 million into this area.

Investment type Weighting
Listed equities
Maximum: NZD $7.5 million
Each $1 invested will be accorded the value of $1
Maximum: NZD $7.5 million
Each $1 invested will be accorded the value of $1
Managed funds Each $1 invested will be accorded the value of $2
Direct investment Each $1 invested will be accorded the value of $3


Other criteria

As well as meeting the investment criteria, there are personal criteria that need to be met. To be granted the Active Investor Plus Visa, you must:

- be able to speak English
- be a fit and proper person
- be in good health
- be of good character
- prove your identity

Applying for the Active Investor Plus Visa

People wishing to apply for the Active Investor Plus Visa, or their representatives, can complete the online form available on the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website.

If you you require assistance or clarification, please contact our immigration specialist Amalie Blackman