A 'Rich' new era for GQ

New Partners Blog 2023

Govett Quilliam are proud to announce the appointment of two new partners: Richard Lyttelton and Richard Williams, effective 1 June, 2023.

As a firm committed to growth and innovation, we are delighted to have these two talented individuals join the partnership, bringing with them a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective areas of the law, enhancing our ability to provide outstanding legal services to our clients and support to our communities as a firm.

“Welcome Richard and Richard, one an inspiring athlete, one a talented musician, and both with extensive and impressive legal experience. It’s an honour to have you both at the GQ leadership table and you will undoubtedly positively contribute to the culture, direction, and success of the firm.” - Sophie Braggins, CEO 

Richard Lyttelton

Richard Lyttelton has been practicing Family Law for nearly 10 years.  He joined the team at GQ in 2021 and has been leading the Family Law team since May 2022. Richard specialises primarily in complex relationship property, estate litigation and care of children matters.  He is a Court-appointed Lawyer for Child and has appeared in the Family, District and High Court.

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“Having worked in Auckland and London, moving to the Taranaki region is a breath of fresh air.  The cases are of the same quality as in the larger cities, however I find clients to be far more down-to-earth than those in the 'big smoke'.  At GQ, I have had the opportunity to advocate for people from all walks of life – from Legal Aid clients to those needing assistance with relationship property and estate matters involving complex farm and business structures.   

GQ have invested time and expertise in myself and it has been great for my professional development to work with a group of lawyers of whom many are leaders in their field.  We have a talented team of family lawyers here at GQ that can cater for all family-related advice from the cradle to the grave.   

I am excited about joining the partnership at GQ.  I have been managing the Family Law team for over a year now and will continue to grow and develop this area of our practice.  Family Law is an exceptionally complex area of law and many are lost as to what to do when they separate or when a loved one passes away.  I will continue to connect with clients and help them through what can often be the most difficult period of their lives.  I am really proud to join the partnership, especially given the excellent partners already at the table and the reputation of GQ nation-wide. 

I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to take on more complex cases and work with a broader range of clients, and well as mentor and guide the rest of our outstanding Family Law team. I am sure this will come with a range of opportunities and challenges. I am excited to further build my relationships with the community in the Taranaki region outside of GQ.  

I hope to bring new ideas to the partnership to ensure GQ stays up to date with the latest legal trends and developments. In addition, I am looking forward to the Family Team continuing to be market leaders in our area.”

- Richard Lyttelton 


Richard Williams

Richard Williams has been practicing law for 18 years, kick-starting his career in a London corporate law firm before emigrating to New Zealand. After a stint in the big smoke, Richard made the move to Taranaki 13 years ago and has been here ever since. While new to GQ, joining in 2022, Richard has demonstrated exceptional professionalism and leadership in both his work and management of our Stratford team. 

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Outside of GQ Richard is an avid marathon and ultra-distance runner as well as a dedicated committee member of the Stratford Business Association and Junior Surf Convener and committee member at the Fitzroy Surf Lifesaving Club. 

 "It has been an incredible 8 months, with my appointment as a Partner being the icing on the cake. I am humbled by the confidence the partnership has shown in me and the unwavering support they have given me since joining.  

I am extremely thankful for my whanau (Michelle and Zac), my team in Stratford, my loyal clients and the GQ crew as a whole. I am also really proud of the lawyer I've become; through hard work, overcoming challenges and my genuine desire to help others.

Managing a team of 10 permanent staff in our Stratford office has been an incredible opportunity and one that I am relishing.  The office is thriving, the client base continues to grow and the GQ brand extends its reach throughout the province.

What has drawn me to GQ as a firm and what I am particularly impressed by with the partnership, is the ability of the partners to effectively communicate and align their goals, objectives, and strategies and build a strong, unified partnership capable of overcoming obstacles and achieving shared success. 

The firm is always looking to improve and innovate, seeking new ways to better serve its clients, enhance its offerings, and remain leaders in our fields. There is a sense of unity and purpose that drives everything we do as a firm, creating a shared vision and a common goal for us all to work towards.  Put simply, we trust and respect each other and together, we are committed to our clients, our team, our community and the future of the firm.”

- Richard Williams 

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