In celebration of our people

In celebration of our people


A law firm is nothing without its people. And if we’re allowed a moment of pride as we approach our upcoming relocation in September, it will always be reserved for celebrating our incredible team.

In an industry where lawyers typically move from firm to firm in the upward trajectory of their careers, Govett Quilliam has frequently bucked that trend.

There have been lifelong team members like John Eagles who was attracted to the region by the firm. He joined us in 1969, became partner aged 24 in 1971 and only retired in 2017 having left an incredibly positive impact on our team and the community. In 2008, he was awarded the Queen's Service Medal for community work and has also received the New Zealander of the Year’s Local Hero Award.

It’s the impact of people like John and, before him, the pioneering spirits of founder Clement Govett and the several generations of Quilliams, that have attracted talented people from all over New Zealand to work at GQ above and beyond what the region offers in terms of exceptional lifestyle.

“We put the attraction of the lifestyle as a secondary thing, young professionals want the challenge of complex and valuable work,” says GQ partner, Paul Franklin. “What we offer is a client base and work type that is the envy of any national service provider. And, being a smaller firm compared to those in the main centres, our junior lawyers have exposure to more interesting work earlier.”

With 51 team members, GQ people are known to contribute significantly to the Taranaki community. Everything from governance boards, Not-For-Profit organisations, youth schemes, community initiatives, to various sporting, school and business groups. And we’re incredibly encouraged by our team’s strong sense of social responsibility.

Three wonderful women share what excites them about the upcoming move:

Lauren Wallace - Partner

When did you start with GQ? I joined GQ in 2006 and became a partner in 2010.

What does your role involve? My role revolves around the way we use and manage the natural environment and shape our urban environments, which pose endlessly interesting and challenging issues—including matters of science, economics and social wellbeing.

What do you enjoy about your work at GQ? I enjoy working with project teams, assisting them to navigate through complex regulatory frameworks and developing innovative strategies to create more sustainable developments. While GQ is a regional firm, we act for clients all over the country. I particularly enjoy being part of a firm that is full of talented people that are willing and able to be nimble, innovative and adaptive to meet our varied client’s changing needs.

What excites you about the upcoming move? Our move represents our continued commitment to stay ahead of the game and I’m excited about the opportunity to provide both our clients and our team with a new and improved legal service experience. 

Kaye McKenzie - Consultant

When did you start with GQ? I started at Deem and Shearer in 1985 and was partner there for a number of years. I retired briefly when my children were young and came back into the GQ fold in the early 2000s. Deem and Shearer later became part of GQ, so I’ve been associated with the firm in one way or another for over 30 years.

What does your role involve? I specialise in all aspects of family law, particularly in representing children in care, contact and guardianship disputes, and in dealing with  relationship property issues.

What excites you about the upcoming move? I’m proud to be part of a firm that is continually looking for ways to provide a better and more relevant service to its clients, which is what our next phase will do.

Alice Tocher - Partner

When did you start with GQ? March 2010.

What does your role involve? I specialise in property and commercial law. It is exciting to work with people to help them achieve positive outcomes.

What excites you about the upcoming move? Our people and our clients are GQ’s biggest assets. The move to our new location and building is more than just creating a “nice new place to work”. It represents a genuine commitment to the future of our people, our clients and our business.


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