Law Meets Life At GQ

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As an Associate at Govett Quilliam (GQ), Kate’s legal career has taken her full circle – from growing up in Stratford, to leading the way for GQ’s new Stratford practice (to launch on 1 April, 2022).

For over 20 years Kate has been practising law in both Wellington and New Plymouth, specialising in commercial, property, and local government law.

Kate is thrilled to be part of the GQ team ‘where law meets life’ and where women and working mothers thrive and enjoy fulfilling careers.

Alongside her work at GQ, Kate juggles multiple hats effortlessly – she is a mother of three and a trustee on the Central School Te Kura Waenga o Ngāmotu Board of Trustees – all while pursuing her own personal and sporting interests.

It can be tricky to find a good work/life balance, but it is something that Kate places great importance on. Kate’s top tips to keeping home and work life ticking over efficiently include good planning, effective communication and organisation.

Kate believes in raising independent children and a family life where everyone contributes. She does not underestimate the importance of acting as a role model for her own children to show them that it is possible to have a stimulating and rewarding career, be an active and engaged member of the wider community, pursue your own interests, and have a wonderful family life.

Family is never far away, as GQ’s new Stratford practice will continue the important work that her uncle, Rod Gordon, has been doing since 1976. Rod and Kate are working closely alongside each other to ensure a successful and seamless amalgamation of Rod Gordon’s Legal Practice and GQ.

Kate is extremely excited about her new role working with GQ, and Rod Gordon, where she will be focused on servicing the vibrant, provincial towns of Central and South Taranaki, and upholding GQ’s commitment to providing continued legal services for the people of Central and South Taranaki well into the future.

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